Weight Loss Program-Rules About Muscle Building -- Part 1

Weight Loss Program-Rules About Muscle Building -- Part 1

NO-NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDINGSkinny Guy Secrets to Insane Muscle

Part 1 -- the 21 things I learned about Muscle Building in 2007

Push ups are better than push downs. Duh!

Getting a workout partner isn''t necessary and you should be able to gain your 1st twenty pounds of muscle mass by yourself.

Performing exercises on specific body parts doesn''t necessarily make them bigger. Instead, try to think increasing your overall body size

which WILL make your biceps bigger.

It is way better to train more and eat more than to train less and eat less...

No matter how good the program is, you must put in the effort to get incredible and amazing results.

Instead of wondering if a diet or workout is a good idea for you, try them out! But use

Don''t be the moron at the health club with no weight etiquette. Don''t block the access to the weights. Don''t leave the weight machines

without removing the weights. Don''t sweat all over the bench without wiping it clean for the next person. When in doubt, obey the golden

rule. Do what you expect everyone else to do to you...

If you are too skinny, don''t wear a tank top when working out. Show off your muscles when you gain them, not before...

People will pay money for any exercise that looks or makes your workout easier. Take a look at the latest fads on late night info

commercials or weird aerobic or dance classes

The Smith Machine is a piece of crap. It doesn''t allow your body to use the natural range of motions which makes you think you are

At the end of the day, the only results that matter is the final outcome. It doesn''t matter what you think, I think, the other person

It happens all the time and is more common than you think. No matter how much you train or how hard you train, you are going to look

EXACTLY the same as you did the previous year. And guess what? If you don''t change your

training approach, you are going to look the same next year too.

Stand up for your beliefs or fall for it.

The only person you should listen for weight gains is someone who has build muscle mass or made their living training others at a high

A complete training program involves weight resistance and interval training. Be serous about your muscle building or don''t do it at

someone once said to me, a full body workout is great for ninety percent of the population, eighty five percent of the time. And body

part routines are good for ten percent of the population 15% of the time. I absolutely agree

Use the 80-20 rule and try to listen more than speak. When you speak, you sure aren''t

Supplements just make money for the manufacturer. Pure and simple. They put just enough juice in the products to make you buy it again.

Getting a good personal trainer is the best bargain you can make. Not all trainers are the same but the good ones are going to kick your

Respect money but don''t let it run your life

For every hour you lift weights, stretch 30 minutes. Make this a rule of thumb or run a risk of injury

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