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A Crazy Diabetic Moment at a Job Interview Stories on Health

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A Crazy Diabetic Moment at a Job Interview

So I’m desperate to get into a new job with insurance to help me deal with diabetes. I was so excited to get the call from Market Avalanche Associates on Thursday. I’ve heard very good things about the company and the people who work there. I am one of those diabetics who doesn’t wear my diabetes on my sleeve so to speak. Not that I care if people know that I have diabetes, but I don’t make it a point to bring it up.

But there in the middle of today’s interview. My insulin pump begins beeping and beeping. It was an alarm sound I had never heard before and I didn’t think I could just silence the alarm in my pocket and ignore it. So in the middle of the interview I had to pull out the pump to see the blocked tubing warning. I then knew I had no choice but to reach inside my shirt and disconnect my tubing and test it out right there in the interview. It was crazy. The HR guy was totally cool about it.

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