How do I get a bikini body? :'(?

How do I get a bikini body? :'(?

How do I get a bikini body? :''(?

QuestionI know this girl and she looks so good in a bikini!! I''m so jealous of her :''(

What exercises will help me lose weight quickly?

And get nice thighs and a toned mid section?Best AnswerYour determination is the most important thing.Other Answerhigh rep weight training

30 mins cardioEat healthy drink water and do daily workout routines :) watch toneitup on youtube they have workout videos that really work! Good luck :)Eat lots of McDonalds. and i would also suggest watching a lot of TV whilst sitting on the couch doing nothing. you''ll slim down in no time!All you need to understand is if you burn more calories then you consume you will lose weight and or gain muscleget on a treadmill. eat healthy foods not like salad you need meat like iron foods. :)Tagsbody bikini

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